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We care deeply about childcare.

Children are precious, but high-quality care shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.

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Our Story

Parents were talking, and we listened.
Parents were talking about feeling overwhelmed during the pandemic, trying to balance work with raising children who were now at home every hour of every day. Trying to get tasks done with constant interruptions from little ones. Feeling stretched in too many directions and guilty for not being able to give 100% to any of them. Not getting enough relaxation time, sleep, or support.

We started Caribou to be that support, a lifeline in a sea of uncertainty and isolation. But our mission is more than just to provide high-quality childcare that’s easy to set up and actually affordable. It’s to create a community. Because we know that no matter what the world throws at us, families are anchors. And when those anchors join forces, no parent or child ever needs to feel alone and adrift again.

We hope you’ll join the Caribou community. It’s a truly special place filled with people who care — not just all the amazing families but the team working hard behind the scenes to make things easier for every parent. And its benefits will last long after the pandemic has moved on. Our door is always open!

Who we are

Dinali de Silva, Co-Founder
Hi! I’m Dinali. I grew up watching my mother work as a preschool teacher for over 30 years. Many years later, I naturally gravitated towards the education space. I have dedicated my entire career to making education and childcare affordable and accessible for all families in America. As soon as the pandemic hit, we realized the dire need families had for alternative childcare options. Parents were having to play the role of mom, friend, wife, employee, care provider and play buddy all at once. We knew we had to step in to alleviate some of this stress families were facing. Since launching Caribou, we have been able to help thousands of families find reliable, dependable and loving childcare options by matching them with stay-at-home moms who are already looking after their kids.
McKenna Hasting, Care Specialist
Hey there! I’m Kenna. I have grown up with an unwavering passion to work with children. I pursued a teaching career throughout high school, college, and the post-graduate credential program through San Diego State University. I maintained a steady nanny career through it all. I was obtaining my teaching credential, teaching kindergarten in a pre-pandemic world, when the pandemic shook the world of education. I have been fortunate to stick with my dream of education and working with children. I have taught kindergarten, first grade, and preschool. I have taught in person, virtually, in small pods, and in private tutoring lessons.

When I was introduced to Caribou I jumped at the opportunity to support women and families as they support each other. I find myself frequently dipping into my nanny knowledge, educational curriculum, and overall empathy to an evolving environment for children, mothers, and families alike as we navigate this post-pandemic world. I am so excited to be a part of this community.
Stephanie, Caribou Ambassador
Hi my name is Stephanie! I live right here in the east valley with my husband, our 2 dogs and our spunky little daughter Raven. I’ve worked in childcare since highschool, whether is was caring for one of my many younger siblings or being a nanny for my neighbors. That passion for working with children led me to become a Registered Behavioral Tech at 18 and specialize in working with children on the spectrum of autism. With this background I really value hands on, 1:1 care. As soon as I saw Caribou’s website and message I HAD to sign up to provide care...but as soon as I met the team I knew I wanted to help in any way I can because this concept is something the mom community has needed for a long time.


What is Caribou?
Caribou is a Phoenix-based company that connects and facilitates childcare, specifically connecting stay-at-home moms who have a child of their own with families looking for high-quality care at a reasonable cost. We offer a personalized approach and plenty of support, including easy-to-use online booking and payment tools, so you can take care of scheduling and more whether at home or on the go.
What makes Caribou unique?
Caribou is a local network of parents and families right in your own community. We connect families looking for care with experienced stay-at-home moms looking to provide care. We provide easy-to-use tools for booking and payment, so you never have to worry about a thing. We know you have specific needs, so we aim to make the perfect match when it comes to the age of your child, your unique preferences, and your availability.
How much should I charge?
Weekly pricing generally runs about $200 to $250, while daily pricing runs about $60 to $80. Many of our caregivers are flexible on price, and are willing to work within budgets. You can easily set up payment online.
What are the requirements to be a caregiver?
All Caribou care providers are stay-at-home mothers who have passed a background check. Many have experience providing childcare beyond their own family as well, but it’s not a requirement. We look for moms who are nurturing, attentive, and sympathetic, and who prioritize active play over screen time. First aid training also is encouraged. References are provided upon request.
Do I need to provide food/diapers/crafts/toys?
You’ll work this out directly with the family. The parent will generally provide diapers and any special food items, toys, and/or craft projects their child prefers, but of course we do encourage sharing of your own child’s toys and crafts.

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